Society and children

Society has a big impact on kids even adults

1) the way we dress

2) the way we should act

3) they way we behave

4) our body sizes and types

little kids are thrown into what society should expect of them. Little kids are worrying about the way people will see them hoping not to be judged by there hair


where they live

how much money there parents make

there size for being to “fat” too “thin”

how masculine they are

how feminine they are

What they are eating

who they live with (care home) (foster placements) (living with grandparents)

whether they are being spolit

whether they are being neglected


These things a child or kid should not have to be judgef by they are just children yet others do judge them for things they cant control things that they are maybe struggling with.


And people wounder why children are developing eating disorders, anti social behaviour, mental health etc we should be guiding them yes but we should didactic there how lives how are they ment to learn and how they ment to grow how are they ment to express themselve


i know when i was a kid expressing myself wasnt an option i had to what people wanted me to do and yes some where guiding me some wanted me to live my life how they expected me by there live experiences . Some try to mold me into something i was completely not some tried to mold me into a mini them some made me act the way they want me to act i had no room for learning expression experiences mistake my own life. Its did end up fucking me up not being able to express myself physical verbally and enotionaly and how i wanted the world to see me how i wanted society to see me.


You should let you children express themselves make there own choices (within reason of course ) pick there own paths (career wise you never know what they can achieve) if you choose and ditact all there lives they will most likely push you away i know from experience!


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